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Tesfa Pay™ Inc.

Tesfa Pay is registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Assigned serial number ‘97497823’ FILING BASIS SECTION 1(a). FIRST USE IN COMMERCE DATE as early as July 2017. Electronic funds transfer; Money transfer; Electronic transfer of money; Providing electronic processing of electronic funds transfer, ACH, credit card, debit card, electronic check and […]

Tesfa Pay, Inc. Payment Solutions

Pay vendors & employees with ACH or Cashier’s check, Zelle and Wires Standard ACHDelivery time 1-3 business daysStandard fee $5Reversible Yes Zelle®Pay people $2,500 per day and Business $5,000 per dayDelivery time In momentsStandard fee No additional feesReversible No WiresSend money anywhere worldwideDelivery time 1-5 business daysStandard fee $20 local currency – $50 dollar accountReversible […]

Money Transfer – Tesfa Pay™

Any city worldwide bank to bank wire or and within family and friend. Tesfa Pay Safe and Secure Payments. Tesfa Pay is based in USA with International office and customers. We make payment transactions safe and secure to help consumers and business to all countries of the world. Tesfa Pay money transfer services, electronic funds transfer services, […]

Tesfa Pay is open to do business with you

Tesfa Pay is open to do business with you on a money transfer services. Many habesha people around the world send money to friends and family members back home. A person who likes to send money faster and easier from anywhere anytime with any device phone or computer, from home or at work to make […]

Protect Your Business and Personal Assets

Protect Your Business and Personal Assets Cyber thieves have a variety of tools available at their disposal to crack your business’s passwords and hack your data. The use of traditional passwords is a slippery slope for companies these days. A much more reasonable approach is to safeguard proprietary data via things like multifactor authentication, single […]

Tesfa Pay

Tesfa Pay is committed to and strives to consistently meet the customers’ expectations by providing excellent services. A reputation for excellent, quality works and superior customer services to our customers worldwide. Buyers and Sellers (both) benefit from using Tesfa Pay as a third party to monitor and transact the exchange of payment and merchandise (Goods and […]