API Related Cyber Hacks

There have been two major API related cyber hacks within the past month T-Mobile announced late last month that data for more than two million T-Mobile customers was accessed in a coordinated exploitation of an improperly secured API. This is one of the areas where the Akana API Gateway shines. Leading enterprise customers around the globe in financial services, government, […]

Tesfa Pay is open to do business with you

Tesfa Pay is open to do business with you on a money transfer services. Many habesha people around the world send money to friends and family members back home. A person who likes to send money faster and easier from anywhere anytime with any device phone or computer, from home or at work to make […]

Protect Your Business and Personal Assets

Protect Your Business and Personal Assets Cyber thieves have a variety of tools available at their disposal to crack your business’s passwords and hack your data. The use of traditional passwords is a slippery slope for companies these days. A much more reasonable approach is to safeguard proprietary data via things like multifactor authentication, single […]

Tesfa Pay

Tesfa Pay is committed to and strives to consistently meet the customers’ expectations by providing excellent services. A reputation for excellent, quality works and superior customer services to our customers worldwide. Buyers and Sellers (both) benefit from using Tesfa Pay as a third party to monitor and transact the exchange of payment and merchandise (Goods and […]